Our Solutions

We create energy saving solutions for Residential, Commercial & Industrial

Residential & Commercial

A solution which will supply power to your essential appliances in your home when Eskom falls

Grid Tie
A solution where PV panels feed dc power into the Inverter ,the inverter inverts the power and supplements the Grid reducing your energy bill with Eskom

Hybrid Backup
A solution which is best suited and offers an overall best-case scenario consisting of PV panels ,inverters and batteries

Solar Lights
Great for estates, homes, offices for safety and security

Solar Carports
Great way to generate power using “wasted” space and keeping cars cool

Connecting your Smart Energy Solution to the Cloud to allow management and monitoring form anywhere on the internet

Corporate Solar Plants

Supported by PPA Commercial Model:
Power Purchase Agreement:

  • Client would procure electricity at a reduced rate (various models are proposed);
  • Client would enter into a long-term agreement for 9 years and 11 months with a 5-year renewal clause;
  • Client would provide the space required “Rent Free” for the term of the agreement;

DBOT: Design Build Operate Transfer
Design and build the infrastructure on behalf of the client. The client would purchase the infrastructure upon completion. Management will perform the day to day operations/maintenance of the infrastructure. The client will be responsible for any Infrastructure replacement costs over the term of the agreement.

Battery Solutions

End to End Energy Storage Solution Provider EcoXchange is skilled and equipped to provide E2E solutions, such as:

  • Grid Application - Energy Storage to help stabilize power supply from traditional power plants and renewable energy generating facilities through frequency regulation and peak shifting by integrating batteries to them.
  • Residential & Commercial - By using Energy Storage, households can save energy generated from solar panels to use it at times when electricity prices are high or there is a power-cut & load shedding.
  • Our Energy Storage Solutions make it possible to be completely independent from the grid. Three Solutions available.

  • Optimized Container Solution for Power and Energy Application
  • Top Energy Level per Container Compared to Other Products in the Market
  • Fire Suppression & HVAC

Off-Grid Base Stations


  • 1.5 kW - 12 kW power range using:
    • 30 - 150 Panel Solar Array Systems
    • Wind Power Turbine
  • 24-hour battery back up system, in conjunction with a Charge and Control Management system.
  • Rapid Deployment design.
  • Fully integrated equipment shelter (IP 55, highly efficient Air Conditioning system and remote management as standard;
  • Various Tower options 20, 40 and 60m.

  • Power of min 1.5 kW x 24 hours.
  • Maximum output 8.1 KW x 24 hours.
  • 18-hour autonomy without solar recharge.

New Technology Site

Shared BTS
Shared BTS Site 12kW
Rapid Deployment
Rapid Deployment Site

Mobile Base Stations

Design & Build

  • Engineered to specification;
  • A trailer which was specifically built to be towed by an off-road vehicle;
  • The unit can be placed almost anywhere, creating immediate coverage in areas where BTS establishment has not been completed.
  • 100% off-grid solution.
  • Can be installed in 4 hours.
  • Has a 4-day autonomy.

Mobile Base Station
Mobile Base Station